Welcome to the Raven's Eye

Kima a posted Apr 21, 13

During the last visit with your faction handler you were presented with a VIP badge and no explanation aside from the set of detailed directions and instructions on the back side.  Finding the place was rather simple, but upon arrival you can feel energy in the air and sense something… different about this particular location.  It seems to beckon and almost draw you in.  Once you reach the building you can see a pair of raven’s eyes looking down at you from the large sign, and long line of people which wraps around the block, all waiting to gain access.

"This way friend.” A male voice said to you.

Looking around, you see a large, burly man in an immaculate black suit and sunglasses.  Despite the mumbled complaints and protests from the others who have been there all night waiting to get inside, he leads you to the front of the line and right into the building.  Once inside the mood instantly changes.  The lighting is mellow and casts a yellowish hue over the entire area.  You can see numerous well-dressed men and woman sitting around at tables and booths, some smoking, some engaged in conversations and others texting or talking on their phones.

"The bar is on your left,” the man says as he points to the large, fully stocked bar along the left wall.  A tall, brown skinned woman stands behind the beautiful mahogany bar serving drinks to the patrons and filling orders from the waitresses.  She has a small, pale assistant who looks up, nodding once to you with a smile before returning to work.

"The stage is directly in the center.  The booths are on the right, along with the private areas,” the man continues, but before you can ask any questions he is gone it seems, leaving you on your own in a den of what would seem like wolves.

"Lost?”  A soft, ethereal female voice asks from behind you. As you turn, you see her supple form and its beauty is both eerie and alluring, all at the same time. The long, silky black dress hugs her pale, lithe figure tightly as she smiles a bright white smile at you, crimson eyes seeming to search your form.

"Please, have a seat, the show is about to begin...” she adds. 

 "And by the way, welcome to the Raven's Eye...”